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About this place:

(88 links and counting...)
The link turret aims to be the knot in the back of your head, that webs together all webpages on the web under the context of a game named Warzone 2100.

This site is also available in a pure XML version.

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IRC Channels:

Weblinks ain't every thing. Here follows a list of all the IRC channels I have been able to dig up for ya, well, it's not much, but if you dig IRC, then this is what it sums up to in warzone context.

Forums / Portals.

(clan forums not included)

Wiki Sites.



Download the game.

(deep-links to different ways to get the full game)

Download Maps.

Source Mirrors.

Clans / Groups.

News / History.


General Information.

(guides / walkthroughs / tutorials / manuals)


(how people rate warzone)


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