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Progress Update posted by Cowboy on 07-23-2006 22:16

Good news!

The current progress on DirectGames now clocks in at 147,000+ lines of C# code! ;)

Progress Update posted by Cowboy on 05-10-2006 22:00

Hey Everyone!

DirectGames is still in the works, we have a new version coming out with greater stability, new features, and better coordination with the cluster environment. I did a progress check today and looked at a few source code metrics and found that DirectGames is now at 53,422 lines of C# code! The previous code count was around 32,000 lines of code a few months ago.

We're making good progress. A new release will be out soon...

RELEASE: DirectGames 4.23 PreAlpha posted by Cowboy on 03-04-2006 03:45

DirectGames PreAlpha version v4.23.0 is now available in the downloads section. Please be sure to uninstall any previous versions of DirectGames before installing this version!

Changes in DG v4.23.0:

  • First round of secure FairPlay file integrity checking implemented.
  • DG now downloads game patches for you.
  • Redesigned lobby GUI. It looks uber cool now!

DG v4.23.0 is running on the production server, so it should be up most of the time. If the main server isn’t online, I’m probably working on fixing a bug.

Currently, we only support Warzone 2100. DirectGames now lets you play games and host games on the network. If you're behind a firewall or NAT be sure to forward the following ports to your computer:

TCP 7542
TCP 7578
TCP 7588
TCP 7821

Don't forget, this is a PreAlpha version! If you have any questions, or problems, please email me "bchavez [xATx] gmail.com" (remove the braces and everything between them and replace them with @).


DirectGames 4.23 PreAlpha Progress posted by Cowboy on 02-27-2006 22:45

We've been really busy working on DirectGames! The next release v4.23 PreAlpha will contain the first anti-cheat codes for Warzone 2100. So cheaters, beware!

Release: DirectGames 4.22 PreAlpha posted by Cowboy on 12-25-2005 12:39

DirectGames 4.22 PreAlpha released. This release does not have any anti-cheat features yet. However, you should be able to chat, create rooms, and play games on the network.

Click here for the details ;) and Happy Holidays!

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